Hide or Risk

This little game was created for the Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3 with the theme Less is more.

There is now a better version developed in PICO-8 named Hide or Risk 2. Despite the graphic limitations of this fantasy console, the game feel is significantly better and not longer unfair. 

Inspired by childhood experiences and a lack of artistic expertise, I implemented Hide or Risk.
The game with the simplest graphics (resolution is 64 x 36) fulfills this theme by penalizing you for every new click you make.
Hold down the key and click less to get more points, but be careful not to be tempted to take great risks.

How to play:

  • Press Space / Right or click the mouse to run and earn points.
  • Release the key or click to stop.
  • Every time you start running, you lose 30 points.
  • Stay behind bushes to hide.
  • If you are seen, the run ends.


Thank you for playing and rating.
Regardless of the game, have a great day!

PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Casual, Colorful, Endless, infinite-runner, Minimalist, My First Game Jam, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button


Hide or Risk - Android 21 MB
Hide or Risk - Linux 15 MB
Hide or Risk - Windows 14 MB

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125 on my second run. Not bad


Very fun! :D I enjoyed it a lot!

If I would have to give feedback it would be a suggestion to lower amount of score you lose while in hiding, as it is little annoying, that if you move while in hiding and there is no one around, you get such high penalty. Still - very fun to play and mechanic itself is interesting :)


Thank you very much for the good feedback and that is a very valid and important point. I will look for other possibilities of what I can do there in the future so that it is less annoying. :)


268~!!!! Very fun game, but I liked the movement sounds and camera shake the most. I wish you had the ability to go backwards though, as sometimes enemies that you didn't see coming will screw you over!

I bet this'll be in the BTP Video, so hi BTP!

Thank you for your feedback and I am pleased that the camera shake and the running noises are noticeable, even if the noises are not ideally synchronized.


Wow, very nice game! you really did more with less!

Thank you very much. The implementation of the theme apparently worked quite well and I am pleased.


241~!!!! yesssss oh yea boiiii very good game will rate it 10/10

Congratulations and I'm glad to hear that you enjoy it.


129!!! yes


why is my score all over the place


good job, the game is fun, I do think adding the points and then if you keep on running the points decrease would fit the theme better, but I do know why you didn't choose that since this tells the player to keep moving, fun game

I'm glad if you liked it. Yes, you are right that this would be another way to achieve this theme well. Thanks for the feedback!


Really cool! The scoring is really interesting. I've never played a game that scores like that


Thank you very much and I am very happy if you liked it. With the idea, I wanted the player to have a dilemma between two decisions. Even if it's unconventional to punish the player for playing securely.


I think it worked. It felt rewarding to finally get a positive score, and know that i'll have to risk it to grow it.